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Belfast, Ireland: Activate Your Purpose: Career Manifestation Workshop

  • Belfast Belfast Ireland (map)


Do you want to be in a career that is aligned with your purpose?

It's easy to feel a lack of self-worth, a ton of frustration, and general anxiety when we're in a gray area and we don't know what to do next. Imagine you could give your best self to others and live abundantly in return. Imagine you could step confidently into your next phase of life with power, clarity, and ease.

Using the laws of co-creation and your power of choice, this workshop will take you through a 7-step, chaka-aligned process to bring your vision into manifestation.

You will…

Remove the limiting beliefs that tempt you to give your power away and see all you are capable of- with clear vision and higher perception.

Bring your thoughts, words, and actions into alignment so you are a powerful manifestor in your life - unobstructed by confusion or sloppiness.

Discover, articulate, and share your unique 'WHY' - your divine purpose and function for being here on the planet at this time. This informs everything!

Write + commit to goals that are aligned with trust instead of fear. Surrender financial fears and remember your badass worthiness.

Harness the creative power of community.

Take bold and courageous actions that let the Universe know you are UP to the task!

Join Shannon for this special event to activate your full career potential and go to the next level!