Shannon has an overwhelming ability to see the blocks that stop me from stepping into the highest version of myself. Through working with him, I am empowered to manifest and create absolutely anything aligned with my purpose.”
— Patrick Cragin, Los Angeles, CA

Why hire a life coach?

You want to feel confident and powerful. 

You want support as you navigate a big life shift.

You want to generate energy & momentum toward a specific goal.

You want clarity and access to higher guidance in your decision-making.

You want to awaken your relationship to your spiritual, energetic self. 

Benefits from Coaching


As invisible barriers within you make themselves known, you will have access to sharper clarity and greater perspective. You will gain symbolic sight and have an increased ability to focus on what is most important to your purpose.  


A space dedicated for you to articulate your vision, express your deepest desires, and truly give back to yourself. No thing is more important than our personal evolution. This is your time to awaken freedom for your soul. 



Every thought, every word, every moment is a choice. Through the practice of self-responsibility, you will step into an intensely effortless ability to see your vision and make it manifest.


You are a powerful, unstoppable force of life energy. As you bring your vision into the physical world, you will develop deeply rooted self-confidence and self-respect.



I believe in your ability to reach your fullest potential in divine timing. We both agree to enter into this collaboration with 100% integrity and authenticity, but that doesn't mean we won't make mistakes. Everything we share is confidential and there is never judgment or bias. 


I will share with you a wide-array of tools, tips, and practices that I have learned through my clients, my personal experience, and from my teachers. Each session is designed and structured for your specific energy. I will share these resources as they become relevant to our work.

What clients are saying...

Shannon is a gift to the healing and wellness community. The wisdom he brings to the table is based not only on what he has learned from some of the greatest teachers of our time, but also from his intuition. I would recommend this man to anyone who is ready to improve the quality of their life, in a way that feels nourishing and profound. Thanks, Shannon.”
— Alexa Silvaggio, San Francisco, CA
Shannon has a unique talent for pinpointing the problem and then, rather than immediately offering solutions, he widens the perspective which allows for the problem to soften and the solution to emerge on its own. This, along with his curiosity and effortless optimism, make him an ideal life coach. I highly recommend him to all those wishing to become a lighter and brighter version of themselves.”
— Sarah Baskin, New York, NY
I now have power and full self-expression with my family and coming out to them. These sessions have been a blessing in my life. I look forward to them everyday, and I practice what we talk about as if it were a vigorous gym routine.”
— Kirstin Riegler, Keene, NH
There is no dollar amount that I can put on the work that we’ve done together. It is absolutely essential for everyone to do this work.”
— Kaitlin Dale, Portland, OR
Shannon is the perfect blend of motivation and meditation. His bright spirit and soul shine through him always. Any time spent with Shannon is a sure way to bring your best self forward!”
— Ida Clay, Houston, TX


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