Ten practices to be truly grateful

How do we stay in a space of gratitude when it's not so easy?

Gratitude is never easy, and yet it's the simplest freaking thing in the world. 

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All we have to do to shift our state is remember: Gratitude is a practice, not a destination. 

Gratitude is not the end, it's the means. David Rast, the buddhist monk says, "It's not JOY that makes is grateful, it's GRATITUDE that makes us joyful." 

And it's not just the monks gabbin' about the G-word. Dr. Brene Brown's research reveals that David Rast's sage wisdom is supported by thousands and thousands of case studies. I share Brene's findings in the podcast

Gratitude teaches us that what we already have - and who we already are - is enough. 

The opposite of gratitude? If you're like me, you know it well. . . 

SCARCITY.  <insert creepy music here>

How do we deal with other people's scarcity vibes or worse -- our OWN scarcity mindset? 

I joined together with my podcast partner and friend Alex Kip to record this episode (and it was so fun to record with Alex again after a hiatus!)

We share...

  • 10 tips to stay truly grateful this holiday
  • some juicy research on gratitude
  • our personal gratitude successes and failures

The holidays can be a trying time. Our gratitude practices will be challenged. But there are definitely some fun and simple structures we can put in place to become more resilient and grateful.

I hope you have a GRATEful Thanksgiving. Listen in on your journey to wherever you're headed for some helpful reminders and profound practices to enJOY these precious moments. 

Sending you beams of love!!! 

In gratitude, 


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10 tips to be more grateful... 

1. WRITE - a thank you note

2. REMEMBER - "What you are taking for granted, someone else is praying for"


4. use your body - become embodied in your gratitude practice

5. meditate

6. speak - tell someone you are grateful for them

7. write - 10 things you are grateful for and say them out loud with FERVOR

8. breathe - 3 grateful breaths

9. WALK IT OUT - 5 minutes while repeating, "THANK YOU" 

10. Say - 'thank you' to yourself. Be grateful for you! 

BONUS: Be grateful for your gratitude practice

Do you have a gratitude tip for us? Share in the comments below!