What I learned from Deepak

Just two weeks ago, I had the privilege and honor of interviewing Dr. Deepak Chopra on the SoulFeed podcast.

I met him at the Deepak Homebase at ABC Carpet & Home for the interview. Normally, we do our interviews via Skype, so it was super exciting that this particular interview was going to be in-person. Alex and I were nervous and excited as we waited for him. Eventually we mustered up some courage to knock on his office door and we were greeted by 4-5 people including Deepak.

Instantly, I was calmed by this man's presence. It was clear that his grounding energy was deeply felt by everyone in the room. The office was beautifully bright, and we settled in with our microphone and equipment in place. We filmed the first 15-ish minutes of the interview through Deepak's Periscope, and you can watch that here. 

As the interview began, I was surprised that my nervousness completely subsided and I felt absolutely zero need to impress or prove myself. I simply felt inspired to show up fully for one of the most exciting conversations of my lifetime to date. And how cool that we get to share this conversation with Soul Warriors like you around the world?! 

So here are the 5 things I learned from interviewing Deepak: 

1. Have fun. Deepak said, "Be very wary of serious people. Seriousness is a mask of self-importance." OMG! Yes. Yaaaas. Have fun! We can play and be highly intelligent at the same time. These things are not mutually exclusive.

2. I am God in Drag. Yeah. You're just gonna need to listen to the interview.

3. Practice what you preach. This one I actually learned after the interview was over. I was in a meeting with one of Deepak's advisors Danielle Posa, talking about an upcoming project, and we ran into Deepak an hour after the interview. He was walking down the street, hands in his pocket, looking at buildings, and taking everything in. He was so present. How many times am I walking around the city on my cell phone. . . missing the magic? Deepak practices what he preaches. 

4. Chill, dude. We're all human. There is no hierarchy. Yes, Deepak is filled with wisdom and that he poetically expresses and he's written 80 books, 22 New York Times Bestsellers. Yes, he has millions of followers. Yes. These thing are true. He also is a super cool dude who is looking to connect, have fun, and serve the world. 

5. Most people don't realize who they are. I am everything, and I am nothing. I am not my skin, my bones, my memories, my home. I am something that is formless, and yet exists in all forms. I am pure consciousness. When I remember who I am, I am free. 

"When I remember who I am, I am free."

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