6 steps to turn fear into your bestie

One thing we all deal with, whether we choose to talk about it or not, is fear. Fear can either be a) immobilizing and lead to shame and regret OR b) a friendly signpost that reveals to us our next challenge and points us toward living the BIG life we are capable of.

My old pattern with fear was to freeze up, deflect, and avoid action. I wanted to move forward in my life so long as I did not have to face fear. Nice thought, but not possible! These 6 steps have provided me with a process to powerfully deal with fear. Usually doing just one of these does the trick and I am back to reality. Before we begin, identify something that you are currently afraid of.

1) Breathe. Notice fear and breathe through it. Release it with breath. When we stop breathing, we clench and the fear takes on a physical manifestation. Fear is uncomfortable, but no one achieved anything great without breathing through some discomfort.

2) Listen to fear. Hear it out. If we swallow it and don't listen to the message our bodies send us, it will snowball into more fear.

3) Write it down. "I am afraid of _________ because ___________." See what comes up. When we identify what we are afraid of specifically and WHY, the thing we are afraid of becomes much less scary.

4) Phone a friend. Say it out loud. Fear dissipates when we call it out. Literally.

5) Commit to something. If we just focus on the fear, we perpetuate it. What do we actually want? If we're afraid, that's a sure fire sign that we care deeply about something. So what are you going to commit to? What powerful action can you take? This action can be simple: an email, a yoga class, a phone call, a bold request of your boss.

6) Wait for a miracle. It's coming! When we act in spite of fear, we embody what it means to be courageous! We literally inspire ourselves. We feel badass, and as a result, inspire everyone around us.

Practice these 6 steps and watch shit go down! Facing fear is a brave act, and it's one we are all capable of.

Namaste for now!