Amy Kurtz: Kicking Sick

Are you sick of being sick? Time to get well and thrive!

If you have a chronic medical issue taking over your life, Amy Kurtz gets it.

From her teens to her twenties, she was known as “the sick chick” -- and lived with shame, fear, and frustration that comes with label. With medical and personal support, she radically improved her health. Today, she’s dedicated to helping you live well regardless of your health situation.

This much-needed resource gives you expert guidance for “kicking sick” -- by taking charge, tuning into your body, and transforming life at every level.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How food impacts our health and can cause disease in the body.

  • Amy’s story of healing intense chronic back pain and getting well.

  • The surprise Amy learned about herself in college.

  • How to process your diagnosis and come up with the healing program for YOU.

Join us as we learn how to take better care of ourselves -- in sickness and in health!

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