How to Manifest the Career You Want (LIVE NYC talk w/ Shannon)

Do you feel like your current job isn’t aligned with your life’s purpose?

It's easy to feel a lack of self-worth, a ton of frustration, and general anxiety when we’re in a grey area and we don’t know what to do next in our career. 

Imagine you could call your shots. Imagine you could step confidently into your next phase of life with power, clarity, and ease.

Yes. You 100% can.

Quick Preview of the Podcast: 
• A powerful guided group meditation to align you with the frequency of your dream job
• Lessons on how to deal with limiting beliefs and fear about your potential
• Practical tips to become a magnet for your dream job
• LIVE Q&A with Shannon to ask your most pressing questions

Join Shannon to activate your career potential!


This is what I do to setup my daily meditation practice.

Here's my free PDF designed to support you as you sit still on your own...

Hint: Step one is all about making your commitment for your practice. 

Namaste Soul Warrior! 

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Shannon Algeo