Erica Mather: How to Adore Your Body

How can we be happy in our bodies right now?

Erica is my longtime teacher (one of my very first yoga teachers in NYC!) and now I am happy to call her a friend and collaborator.

Erica came on SoulFeed Podcast a year ago as one of our very first guests and now she’s back to talk about yoga, body image, and how to heal yourself.

This is a raw unedited conversation Soul Warriors because Erica and I explore what she refers to as the “edge of her thinking.” (Fun stuff!)

Our Guest:

Erica Mather challenges us to take a deep look at all of the reasons we block ourselves from adoring our bodies. Erica is a celebrated Forrest Yoga Teacher, and she’s taught classes and run workshops at Kripalu, the Wanderlust Yoga Festival, and the Yoga Journal Conference. Through her powerful teaching, Erica holds the space for students to heal from within using breath, intention, and the yoga practice. Erica’s signature online program Adore Your Body is a place for men and women of all sizes, weights, and ages who struggle to feel peace around their body image to finally find it, using strategic mindsets that she’s accumulated over fifteen years of personal experience and research. Erica is empowering Soul Warriors around the globe to LOVE our bodies just as they are and to challenge ridiculous societal pressures and perceived norms about they way we should look.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to let go of ridiculous societal pressure about how we “should look.”

  • Develop a practice of loving your body, today.

  • Use yoga as practice to heal.

  • A new definition of happiness.

Learn how to navigate your own relationship with body image and healing.

“The idea that you’re valuable for how cute you are is a tremendous drain of resources from our society”

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