Top 8 Favorite Moments of SoulFeed

Which moments of SoulFeed were our absolute favorites?

This was difficult to choose! Over the last year, we’ve released over 100 episodes and we’ve been lucky enough to interview some of our greatest inspirations and teachers from Deepak Chopra to Seane Corn to Marianne Williamson to Caroline Myss and the list goes on.

Both of us have had a-ha moments and paradigm shifts on the podcast (you can probably hear us going “Mmmmm!”)

Well we decided to bring it back now ya’ll!

We sat down and chose our Top EIGHT (8) Favorite Moments of SoulFeed. (listen to the end for our ridiculous giddy moment with Deepak)!

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • Replay of the specific moments that feed our souls.

  • Hear the silly moments that make us belly laugh!

  • Our top takeaways from this last year of podcasting.

  • Where we are heading next on this SoulFeed journey.

Come take a walk down memory lane with us! Learn our top insights from sitting down with some of the most inspirational thought leaders in the world.

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