Corey Camperchioli: The Divine Femme

What does it look like to fully embrace who you are -- despite society’s expectations?

Our Guest:

Corey Camperchioli is the writer and star of “FEMME,” the new film about a guy named Carson who is on a journey toward self-acceptance after being rejected for being too feminine.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • Why it’s so important to celebrate who you are - no matter what.

  • My story of being labeled “too feminine.”

  • How to transcend “certain” societal norms.

  • Learn about Corey’s highly successful Kickstarter campaign.

Listen as Corey and I share fascinating stories about what it means to be gay, femme, and living in this social media age.

“Anything is possible when we don’t give into oppressive social constructs”


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