Invest In Your Inner Reality

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the external world?

In this episode, Shannon Algeo shares his personal experience with having a “stimulation hangover” and gives you practical tools to invest in your inner reality so that you can recharge, give back to yourself, and re-engage with the world from a powerful, refreshed space.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • Why it’s important to go inside and reclaim your inner realm.

  • The impact of solely identifying with the external.

  • An exercise to recharge your heart energy right now.

  • 3 practices to help you strengthen your ability to go within.

Tune in to strengthen your inner state.

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This is what I do to setup my daily meditation practice.

Here's my free PDF designed to support you as you sit still on your own...

Hint: Step one is all about making your commitment for your practice. 

Namaste Soul Warrior! 

In love,





Shannon Algeo