Harness Your Power of Intention

Why is it so important to clearly know and articulate our intention? How can we use intention to align with the highest expression of ourselves?

In this episode, I share my new approach to re-thinking the word ‘Intention.’ It’s important that we develop a daily practice of taking an honest look at our actual intentions so that we can be in a place of choice about what we want to attract to and create in our lives.  

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • My new definition of the word ‘Intention.’

  • Why it’s important to clarify our intent.

  • 3 daily practices to supercharge your intentions.

  • Mental, physical, and spiritual practices to align with your highest Self.

“Knowing our true intention gives us the power to create our lives.”


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Let’s learn how to see clearly and harness the power of our intentions - right now.


This is what I do to setup my daily meditation practice.

Here's my free PDF designed to support you as you sit still on your own...

Hint: Step one is all about making your commitment for your practice. 

Namaste Soul Warrior! 

In love,





Shannon Algeo