Jarvis Derrell: Celebrate yourself no matter what!

Ever wonder what it’s really like to have a show on VH1, MTV, and Logo?

Our Guest:

Jarvis Derrell embodies the passion, humor, love, and joyful authenticity of the millennial generation.

Jarvis created the viral blog and Instagram account @SheHasHadIt a laugh-out-loud series of photos + captions depicting humans who are just DONE, with a capital D.

After huge success, Jarvis was offered his own show with LOGOtv, granting him the Guinness world record for shortest web series.

Jarvis hosted in own show on VH1, “Jarvis in the Elevator”

MTV now features SheHadHadIt on their StyleX Fashion Blog every Fashion week.

Now Jarvis is in the process of launching his own magazine!

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to lean into trusting God’s plan for us
  • Why success isn’t always what it seems
  • Jarvis’s approach to managing depression
  • The importance of honoring yourself - no matter what

Listen as Jarvis shares his real life struggles with us + how to celebrate life no matter how hard things get.


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