How painful loss can be our greatest teacher

Ever wonder how our darkest moments can bring us closer to the light?

Our Guest:

Marshall Dunn is an Australian born spiritual life coach, author & speaker. His older brother, Mitch took his life in 2002, which was the catalyst for Marshall to embark on his own inner-exploration: a spiritual journey that led to the realization of who he is, who we all are – Light, Presence, Aliveness & Unconditional Love.

It was this Truth that revealed Marshall’s purpose – to be a voice for people and help others free themselves from suffering to create an exuberant way of living aligned with their loving Truth.

With fourteen years of lived experience, Marshall has healed himself of his own gaping emotional wounds. It’s now Marshall’s mission to help shift the educational paradigm, incorporating a mind, body, spirit approach to healing. Marshall aims to help others change the conversation with themselves so they can Lead With Their Light and live their authentic Truth.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to process and prevent suicide loss
  • Marshall’s story of turning darkness into light
  • The importance of giving ourselves space to grieve

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