Attract the relationship you want

For a long time - basically my whole life - I was scared to admit and ask for what I want...

Until I re-cognized some key limiting beliefs that were leading me down a path of self-sabotage. 

You see... I knew that I wanted to be in relationship, but... 

Three super common myths about dating stopped me in my tracks every time...

Listen along to the podcast above and you'll hear about...

Three tools that saved me from these limiting myths: 

  • #1 has to do with being selfish (in a really good way!) so you can fill up your vessel
  • #2 is my 'Admit&Request' communication strategy (which, btw, majorly upped my confidence in my dating game) and
  • #3 is about developing a sense of curiosity for the whole process

Don't wait to become the person you want to date! 

And the cool thing I've learned is these three simple strategies don't just apply to attracting a romantic partner...

We can use these tools to shift any relationship that's feeling stuck.

Grab these simple, yet radical tools so you can feel awesome about what you bring to the table, communicate honestly and clearly, and stay present through the process! 

Above all, know this:

You are the frequency of love. That is so who you are.

Remind yourself to be open to whatever comes your way and remember: you are enough exactly as you are right now. 

Affirmation for right now: 

"I am open to whatever is coming my way and I remember this truth: I am enough exactly as I am right now."

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Want to get more tips from me about the dating process?

Leave a comment with your questions and/or leave one of your own tips below! 

In gratitude, 

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