Simple Habit: Modern Mindfulness For Your Busy Life

In this episode, Yunha Kim, the CEO of Simple Habit, teaches us the power of short daily meditations; plus she shares her inspiring entrepreneurial learnings with us!

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • The power of 5 simple minutes of meditation every day.

  • Insights into Yunha’s journey starting two successful startup companies.

  • 3 must-know pieces of advice for all entrepreneurs!

  • How to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.

Our Guest:

A former investment banker on Wall Street, Yunha Kim quit her job to found her first startup, raising over $3m from prominent investors including Tyra Banks, Turner Broadcasting, and Great Oaks VC. It was selected by Google as one of the best apps of 2014.

Yunha was so stressed at her startup, she turned to meditation. Since then, she has been meditating for a few minutes a day and it has improved her life dramatically. She decided to build Simple Habit to help busy people experience mindfulness.

Designed by a team of a Harvard psychologists and meditation experts, Simple Habit meditations are just 5-minutes and personalized for all kinds of life situations. From before going to work in the morning or preparing a difficult conversation, to even dealing with PMS, Simple Habit can help you get through your day.

Let’s start a Simple Habit!

Use this link to try Simple Habit for free with your 7-Day Premium Trial.

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