Tara Mackey: From prescription drugs to cured by nature

Can you really be cured by nature? Yes you can, and Tara Mackey will show you how.

Our Guest: 

Tara Mackey, author of Cured By Nature: How to Heal from the Inside Out, Find Happiness and Discover Your True Self, is teaching others how to take back control of their life.  From nearly two ­dozen prescription pills every morning, to quitting cold turkey, to now inspiring the world with her new book, she is living proof that anything is possible. 

As the creator of the popular blog Organic Life, a Certified Lab Analyst, Environmental Technician and the author of Cured By Nature, she provides natural remedies, breathing exercises and first hand knowledge, to help you become the best version of yourself.

Tara’s new lifestyle has led to her achieving happiness and health through entirely natural and organic means. She now continues to help others alleviate their dependence on prescription medications so they can enjoy the world around them.  Find out more about Tara by clicking here.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • Why some modern medical professionals will tell you to take various prescription medications, which can ultimately do more harm than good.  
  • How to stop labeling yourself when everyone else has and heal from the inside out.  ● What nature can do to heal your body and the secrets to herbs.  
  • The reason Tara quit prescriptions cold turkey and the incredible transformation that can happen for you.  

Listen to hear how Tara went from prescription drugs to cured by nature


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