What I'm healing in myself

I am in the process of going through Gabrielle Bernstein’s SPIRIT JUNKIE MASTERCLASS online digital course, and I am taking on one of the assignments from her first free training video. The assignment is this: Own Your Story.

No big deal, right? Well, first off... If you missed her first training video, catch it here before the series expires on 9/29. 

I thought to myself, as Gabby was giving us this assignment, “Well— this doesn’t apply to me. I’ve already owned my story.” Wow. I sure am on my high horse, aren’t I? Through noticing my resistance to this, I tuned into the reality that owning my story is a daily practice. While there may be things I’ve moved on from or perhaps, 'I'm already over it,' it is my responsibility to share — to teach — the lessons I’ve learned that have carried me forward on my path. 

Click the photo to listen to Gabby on SoulFeed podcast.

Click the photo to listen to Gabby on SoulFeed podcast.

It is the responsibility of all who desire to illuminate the world with our healing powers to share our journeys with the world.

There is a quote from the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, “When the teacher is ready, the student appears.” When the teacher is ready. 

So what makes the teacher ready? The teacher is ready when he or she makes the simple, yet powerful choice to show up in service of Truth. This is my intention in this blog and in all of my writing and speaking moving forward: to share my truth with you, to not hold back, to allow Spirit to move me, and through being moved, I allow myself to open up and be humbled by the profound miracle of this life.

"I allow myself to open up and be humbled by the profound miracle of this life."

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My teacher Seane Corn taught me that “Our wounds become our purpose.” This is what it means to own your story. If we look away from our wounds, if we deny our history, if we reject our journey thus far, we can’t fully heal. When we heal openly, we not only heal ourselves, but we amplify the healing process so that we can heal faster and fuller. 

In a Gallup study held over many decades, the wounds of couples who reported that their relationships were abusive or toxic took significantly longer to heal than the wounds of those couples who reported that they were in happy, thriving relationships. I find that fascinating. And telling. When we set the intention to heal at the individual level, the intention becomes amplified when it’s shared at the collective level.

In the spirit of sharing my truth with you, I’d like to share what I am healing in my life. This is something that my Ego tells me not to waste my time with, but my Spirit directs me to harness greater wisdom and strength in the area of my confidence.

The incredible design of life brought me the perfect relationships that profoundly challenged the limits of my self-confidence. Big time. In my relationship with my boyfriend, in my relationship with my business partner, in my relationship with clients — the areas where I lack deep confidence in myself and my ability to serve in this world have been challenged.

While in the moment, these challenges may be 'annoying' or 'inconvenient,' I am so grateful because these moments are beautiful opportunities for spiritual growth. 

The truth is — my confidence has been challenged my whole life. The same goes for all of us because this is Divine Design. This will continue throughout our lives. 

Think about it: When we work out a certain muscle, we are actually breaking down the fibers of that muscle. The result is the muscle gets stronger. It is my belief and my spiritual practice is to remember that God, or the Universe, delivers us the exact experiences that we need in order to grow and evolve. 

I imagine my Angel saying, “Okay, so Shannon says he wants this, so we’re really going to prep him!” If Shannon wants to be a thriving life coach, then we’re going to give him the perfect (and I mean, perfect!) experience of realizing that if he wants to take on new clients, then he’s going to have to 1) put himself out there and 2) ask for money. 

Cue my Saboteur (the archetypal pattern in all of us that sabotages our potential and reveals this truth to us) who says, 1) “Who are you to put yourself out there as a life coach?” and 2) Who are you to ask for money for your services?

This is the best part!!! That Saboteur is illuminating my lack of self-confidence in this area. Without my Saboteur, without these experiences coming forward, I would not be able to cultivate the awareness that this is an opportunity for growth. 

Here's what I know to be actually true: I have been coaching for years. I have tons of experience corporate coaching, goal coaching, coaching groups of artists, and my private business has been up and running for two years.

But more than all of that — I am on this Earth to teach and hold space for deep awakening. And I KNOW deep in my being, deep in my bones, that I can actually help touch, move, and inspire people to be light workers. It is not my right, it is my responsibility to accept money for these powerful services because my work, my time, my heart, my passion, and my training have all led to this moment and we all should be supported and have our bills paid for the work that we do in the name of love. Period. End of sentence. Can I get an Amen?! 

The woman who has been instrumental in increasing my confidence to TRULY make my purpose my paycheck at a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL is Gabby Bernstein. Her Spirit Junkie Masterclass is out of this world, and I'm just getting started with it. 

Because Gabs is Dope Dot Com, she is offering a FREE video training series on how to be a confident leader, how to earn money for your spiritual work, and how to manifest media for your message. Click here to sign-up now so that you get access.

You can also text me the word 'GABBYB' to the number 33444, and I'll send you the link so you can watch it later. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what inspired you. I look forward to sharing more in this way. Thank you for your vibes.