raise your vibration: iceland yoga + meditation retreat

March 25 - 31, 2018

Ready for a complete recharge, body, mind, and spirit?

We live in a time where our attention is being pulled in so many digital directions that it’s easy to lose connection to ourselves and what’s most important to us. We all need space to replenish so that we can be and feel our best.

This gorgeous week of yoga, meditation, and dynamic exploration in Iceland is a divine gift that you give yourself to recharge your energy and align with your highest self.

Iceland has a highly charged energetic frequency that allows you to tune in to your intuition and power. The volcanic heat that rises from the earth not only heats 90% of Iceland’s buildings, it warms the fires of our intentions, individually and collectively. We will harness this powerful energy to restore our bodies and awaken to new possibilities within us.

Each morning yoga practice builds heat and strength through slow flow Hatha and aligned-vinyasa practice – accessible to all levels and bodies. In the afternoons, we eat, explore, and enjoy beautiful Iceland, connecting to the powerful elements around us. In our evening practice, we unwind from our adventurous day with restorative gentle yoga session and a sweet guided Yoga Nidra meditation.

As a very special added bonus, each class will incorporate a Sound Bath using Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls led by Jenn Boileau, a lovely and powerful teacher and healer. The crystal amplifies, stores, and transmutes energy, while enhancing and supporting your personal healing. Get ready to be guided into a deep and restful state.

Give yourself the magical gift of yoga in Iceland. View our trip itinerary and reserve your spot here